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[News] Jormungand Trailer Out. World Serpent Descends.


[News] Jormungand Trailer Out. World Serpent Descends.



Oh man how did I miss this?!?! Completely slipped my mind that Keitaro Takahashi’s arms dealing manga Jormungand is getting an anime adaptation next spring.

The story follows Koko Hekmatyar and her band of mercenaries as she goes around the world to spread a little love through weapons. As an unofficial merchant of death under contract with a big corporation, many, if not all, or her business is illegal which means higher risks and higher rewards. Clashes with other arms dealers, rival groups, organized crime, military leaders, and the CIA provide most of the action.

Yesterday we reported that Black Lagoon was returning. Well, this series ought to satiate you until its return as a lot of similarities exist between the two series in that it follows a group that provide less than legal services and explosive action, but while Black Lagoon is closer to Hard Boiled, Jormungand is more akin to Black Hawk Down.

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