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[News] Humble Droid Bundle 2.0 is now live


[News] Humble Droid Bundle 2.0 is now live

The Humble Bundle is back on portables Android devices.  By now this should be routine, but if this is your first bundle, it works on a pay what you want scale.  All proceeds can be divided evenly between the 4 groups working along side this event.  You could give all your money to the developers (or just one developer if you felt like it), to Wolfire who maintains these events, or to charities like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.

I tend to slide my bar all the way to charity, but you can support the people that put this together however you want.

Four games are currently available at the pay what you want scale:

  • Canabalt
  • Zen Bound 2
  • Avadon
  • Cogs

When you match or surpass the minimum, you will receive a bonus code for Swords and Soldiers.

All games work alongside Mac, Linux, and PC as well as Android devices.  It’s a good deal and it supports creative development.  Plus, Canabalt is just fun.

Donate to the Humble Bundle today

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