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[News] Google Maps Introduces 8 Bit Version


[News] Google Maps Introduces 8 Bit Version


Google is an alright company, but recently, they have gone too far and ventured into the undeniably amazing.  In the video above, you can see a demonstration of the all new Google Maps 8-Bit for the NES/Famicom.  The whole video is truly brilliant.  A dial-up cartridge?  Using an army of servers to take the load off of the poor little Famicom?  It’s far too much to handle.  Also, one has to wonder whether there will be any random encounters as your hero journeys from location to location.

While waiting for the game to ship, you can catch a preview now at Google Maps.  Each time you zoom in or out, the sprites onscreen maintain a regular scale, keeping the size of the tiles even and drastically altering the level of detail in the map.  My only complaint, however, is that pixellated Street View looks a bit ugly.  Despite that, I can only hope that this Quest Mode stays a permanent fixture at the top right corner of the Google Maps screen.

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