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[News] Bioshock Infinite’s Newest Heavy Hitter


[News] Bioshock Infinite’s Newest Heavy Hitter


My excitement for Bioshock Infinite has been exponentially growing ever since the first teaser released back in late 2010. The recent dev diaries  have been focusing on a special group of enemies known as “Heavy Hitters” and the fourth installment reveals the Necromancer-esque Siren.

Bioshock Infinite clearly has no lack of bad guys (and girls) that look like they can hold their own and the Siren is exactly one of those people. This video right here shows how the deceased performer uses her pipes to bring back enemies that Booker has already killed to exact revenge or to be killed again.

I’m a sucker for people who know what they’re talking about – something that Irrational Games has obviously taken notice of when they decided to come up with the Siren. Listening to Ken Levine go on about the inspiration behind this particular baddie is especially satisfying because it shows that the team has really done their homework this time around.

While I am still most excited about the Motorized Patriots, the Sirens are looking to be welcome additions to the already impressive roster of characters and enemies. We’ll find out if Bioshock Infinite is full of hot air or not when it comes out this October.

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