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[News] Adventure Time DS Game in Development


[News] Adventure Time DS Game in Development

… At least according to this Tweet from series creator Pendleton Ward, which claims that his popular series will be receiving an interactive installment on the 3DS.  While there have been flash games on Cartoon Network’s site based upon the cartoon, it was only inevitable that the series eventually receive its own video game.  Not only is Pendleton Ward a big fan of video games, but the show itself is filled with game references and chiptune music, as well as containing BMO, the sentient game console.  While tie-in games for cartoons are generally on the lower end of the quality spectrum, this is one that I actually have high hopes for.


Edit: Take a look at This old interview with Pendleton Ward. Monster Hunter gameplay, Katamari graphics, and coins? If this is indeed the direction the game is taking, I have no doubt that it will be excellent. A boy can dream. A boy can dream.


Update: Further tweets from Mr. Ward have clarified that this game will, in fact, be for the original DS, not the 3DS as originally mentioned.  Also, the developer? WayForward.  Oh my, yes.

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