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[News] A Look at Halo 4


[News] A Look at Halo 4



Here’s a first look at the upcoming start of 343 Industries’ new trilogy starter Halo 4.

In this video you’ll get a look into the revamped Spartan armor, two multiplayer maps, and some information of the general direction 343 plans on taking the series.

Now I don’t know about you but the Halo franchise is one of my favorites for a whole slew of reasons. Playing multiplayer with my friends and family for the first time on the original Xbox, doing something different than the regular FPS, going more colorful and ambient as modern shooters become more clustered and brown. You’d be surprised after revisiting Halo games just how different they are from other FPS games. In fact, the more FPS games get labeled with the stigmata of “Boorish” and “Uninspired”, Halo seems to be getting a better opinion amongst critics.

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