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[Featurama] MLG Day 3 Wrapup (with pictures)


[Featurama] MLG Day 3 Wrapup (with pictures)

Having had an amazing time at Day 2 of the MLG 2012 Columbus Championships, we were excited for Day 3. We would really have to hustle to complete the work that we wanted to achieve by the end of the day, but the most exciting matches of the tournament were still to come, as well. This article will focus a lot on pictures from the event, as I’ve covered many of my impressions in the other articles, which you can read here: Day 1, & Day 2. From here on, I’ll presume that you know a bit about the event.


    • The main focus on the third day, as one would expect, was watching and covering the intense matches. We would have been remiss if we had missed any of the major matches, but fortunately, we were able to keep it to a minimum by rotating between our seats and the pressroom, and getting work done in between matches, and at our chairs. On the third day, at a certain point, those who are still in the tournament play best of 7 matches, rather than best of 3, and the final two play best of 9. There is an additional rule for extended play, however: if the two players have originally played each other, their previous score carries over to the new game count. This is a fairly big deal, as you’ll see in the following match descriptions.


      • EG HuK had lost to Heart earlier in the event, 2-1. This was extremely surprising, but fortunately for HuK, he was still in the tournament. However, on the third day, HuK was scheduled to play Heart again, as they were the third and fourth ranked players. Because of the extended play rule, HuK started off at a deficit of 1 game, and ended up losing 4-1. The front row, loaded with players from team EG, was pretty grim.

DRG dispatched Heart fairly easily, although Heart took a game off of him. If Heart’s goal was to catapult himself into the MLG spotlight, then he certainly succeeded, and finishing in third ensured that he brought home a nice chunk of change, as well.


Later on, MarineKingPrime beat DRG 2-1, and played him in the finals, with DRG starting at a deficit of 1 game. This extended play rule seemed to be a divisive issue, and for good reason. I can see both sides of it- on one hand, if DRG had beaten MKP after MKP beat DRG, some would say “so what? Now they’re even”, and the champion would be disputed. On the other hand, some argue that this rule results in players being punished twice for the same loss, as they are already moved to the loser’s bracket after a loss, and most people don’t want to watch a championship match where one player starts out gimped. I don’t know what the correct answer is, but I do feel as though MarineKingPrime definitely showed that he deserved to win that tournament.
Set aside his undefeated record against others throughout the tournament- MKP proved his worth solely in his games against the normally indomitable DRG. DRG took a few games off of MKP, but MKP’s wins were diverse and interesting. He used unusual combinations of units, including thors+medivacs+hellions. Hellions took out zerglings, while MKP skillfully used medivacs to micro weakened thors away from the line of fire. He stated after the match that he had to use every strange strategy that he could think of to beat DRG, just to stay unpredictable.


    • After the event, some of the players and casters met fans in the lobby to sign autographs. In particular, Day[9] was extremely gracious in meeting fans, signing autographs, and even doing the core fusion dance with the crowd (to be seen in an upcoming vid).


    • There was also an after-party hosted by, and I had the opportunity to meet a few players, casters, and sponsors. I was happy to find that everyone really unwound after they got away from most fans and press. In particular, some of the casters are truly nice, approachable people.


We’ll be updating soon with a compilation of some awesome video from the event, so keep your eyes on the front page!

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