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[Featurama] A&G Ohio: Day 1


[Featurama] A&G Ohio: Day 1


Day 1 is kind of a misnomer. Due to my full-time job I missed out on most of the first day of A&G Ohio. That’s fine though. I’m not a huge fan of anime conventions. There are a lot of extremely creepy people there. There are also a lot of girls wearing next to nothing and you can’t quite tell if they’re over 18 yet. If you ask, you’re only giving away your intentions, so it’s kind of a crap shoot ya know? Before I incriminate myself any further, let’s talk about Day 1. By Day 1 I basically mean the Brentalfloss concert.So after walking into the wrong entrance of the massive Great Wolf Lodge hotel, I had to go back outside and walk over to the convention hall area. I walked in and I’m overwhelmed by costumes and hair of all styles and colors. I really stood out as not an anime person. That’s fine, I didn’t go to necessarily make friends. I found the small line outside of the main event room and overheard it was the line for the Brentalfloss concert. The room was already occupied by the Cosplay Wrestling event. I watched a little bit of that, it was entertaining.

I decided I should get in line for reals. I asked this group of people at the end of the line to confirm that it was the Brentalfloss line and they said it was. Everything checked out. I said something along the lines of “awesome, I’m in the right place, I’m gonna stick with you guys!” I was promptly ignored. I’m clearly not anime enough for this. I got out my phone and started awkwardly tweeting and texting while waiting in line. I look up a few moments later and the line has tripled in length. It went all the way down the hall. Glad I got in towards the front.

After a twenty minute delay, the doors finally opened and I got a pretty good seat at the front. Seat? Yeah, there were seats in the room. The opening act was Gavin Gozka. He sang renditions of songs from various animes. He was good for sure, I only knew one of the songs that he sang though. Again I thought to myself “I am not anime enough for this.” I kept looking over to the side of the stage where the sheets were up to section off “backstage” and kept seeing Brentalfloss through one of the cracks. I’m not like a hyper fanboy, but I really enjoy the man’s work. I felt a little bit starstruck, I’ll admit. Brentalfloss came on stage after Gavin’s set and entertained the crowd while he and his sound guy tried to get everything set up. Brent pointed out that everyone was sitting in chairs and that he wanted everyone to be up around the stage before the show started. I shot up out of my chair and right up to the edge of the stage.

Long story short: Brent killed it. He has great stage presence and is really good at keeping the audience engaged with him without making it really awkward for the audience. You know how like some stage performers will practically hold up a sign that says “okay start clapping and singing along now, I need crowd support” ? Brent didn’t have to do that, everyone was pumped up and wanted to partake in the experience. I’m normally a reserved person, but I was “woooooo!” -ing and clapping and singing my ass off along with everyone else. Some of the “w/ Lyrics” songs he did included Tetris, a version of Megaman and of course Ducktales. He also performed his newest one for the game Thief. So new in fact that he didn’t have it all memorized yet and had to cheat from a sheet, which I loved. He also had a lot of shorter songs, including one about Mario wanting to bang Peach to the tune of “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid.

Oh, and there was also the mad lib. He didn’t tell the audience what he was mad-libbing, but he got a whole bunch of random words (most of them sex related, stay classy Ohio) and plugged them into his sheet. I really wish I had recorded the performance, but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard. I was almost on the floor laughing at the result. “Our boners contain less than seven pirates”, “once again we’re hurled into darkness and pools of syringes” and “we must save the crystals or orbs or small starving children from Africa” were some of the lines that resulted from that madness.

Bottom line: if you’re going to PAX East or have any other opportunity to see Brent live you better fucking do it. The energy was great and the man is talented. The things he comes up with on the spot are brilliant and he’s clearly got a knack for comedy.

Time for me to hit the sack so I can go back tomorrow for some of the other events. I’m really looking forward to the Protomen concert tomorrow. I’ve seen them live once before but that was a few years ago. I might check out some of the gaming events they have going on throughout the day. One thing that frustrates me is that the bonehead who scheduled this stuff put Brent’s Q&A session during the Protomen concert. That is a bummer, that would have been a great Q&A panel. However I’m pretty flipping excited for the “Write a song with Brentalfloss” panel tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to report on how that goes.

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