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[Contest Time] Want a free copy of Twisted Metal Black? Ask us some questions!


[Contest Time] Want a free copy of Twisted Metal Black? Ask us some questions!

Here at Twinfinite, we pride ourselves on being relevant to gamers. To you! You crazy, adorable gamer you. At long last, we’ve decided to be relevant to the interests of not only gamers, but humans as a whole. And what is it that all humans love?

Free stuff.

We’d like to give all of you free things because we love each and every one of you, but unfortunately, we don’t have quite enough stuff to give away- and it wouldn’t make anyone feel special enough for winning! Because believe you me, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to win.

Here’s the setup: on every Twinfinite Sexy Fun Time podcast, we answer listener questions. We love this part of the podcast, particularly Brett, partly because it doesn’t force us to rely on his spotty hosting. But mostly because we really, truly love hearing from our readers and listeners. In that vein, we’re rolling out the first of our hopefully regular contests. This time, we have two PSN codes for the famous action/driving/psychosis simulation game Twisted Metal Black for the PS2, and they will be going to the listeners who send in the two best questions for our next podcast.

This week’s podcast topic is the current state of multiplayer, including but not limited to discussions regarding the shift from local to online play.

All TSFT podcasts are recorded at 9 pm EST on Sundays, so you have until then to send in your questions. They can be sent either by email to [email protected] or on Twitter at @TSFTPodcast.

We can’t wait to hear (and respond to, or ramble about) what you guys cook up!

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