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[News] The Legend of Korra


[News] The Legend of Korra

The much awaited sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender if finally making its public debut.  The show isn’t airing quite yet, but Nickelodeon is making it’s first steps into creating hype for this sure to be epic sequel.

Legend of Korra is the story of the next Avatar after Aang.  A young female from the Southern watertribe, who goes by the name Korra, obviously.    It takes place during an industrial revolution, which will bring an interesting twist to the traditional Avatar world.

Show spoilers and leaks have been coming out at a fast pace for the last few months, despite the creators attempts to stop it.  Scenes, screenshots, and even the shows opening were released, in which we find out that Katara seems to be the only member of the original gang who is still alive.   But that is not confirmed, but she has been the only original member to make an appearance in the leaks, and she claims that most of her friends have died in those leaks.

But now Nickelodeon has taken advertisement to full force, they are offering exclusive content, and prizes to those who sign up for the Legend of Korra application on facebook.

Exclusive content includes music releases, signed posters, and a chance to win free tickets to San Diego Comic con to meet the legends themselves, Avatar creators Mike & Bryan.

Be sure to keep a look out for the Legend of Korra, to be released sometime this year!

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