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[News] Swapnote from Eiji Anouma: New Zelda Game Well Under Way?


[News] Swapnote from Eiji Anouma: New Zelda Game Well Under Way?

This morning, I opened my 3DS to see, lo and behold, a new Swapnote from, not one of my friends, but Eiji Anouma, the producer of the prodigious Legend of Zelda series.  The note didn’t contain much information, mostly lingering on topics such as Zelda’s 25th anniversary and Ocarina of Time 3D.  While the note might not tell much itself, it could very well be a sly tease, signifying that the bosses at Nintendo are getting ready to reveal Link’s new adventure sometime in the relatively near future.

It’s things like these that make Nintendo one of my favorite companies.  This note is quite similar to the Swapnote sent just the other day by president of NOA Reggie Fils-Aime announcing the Nintendo Direct stream that happened earlier today.  While it could be easier for Nintendo to simply alert the press and fans by conventional methods, they chose to get the news out and let fans know in a slightly sillier, more whimsical way.  Not only does it get the news out to people who might not otherwise know about the conference, but it engages the fans and keeps them aware of Swapnote.  Never change, Nintendo. Never change.

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