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[Rumor] Final Fantasy XIII-3 All But Confirmed


[Rumor] Final Fantasy XIII-3 All But Confirmed

DISCLAIMER: This article may spoil the nature of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s ending, but none of its plot points. You have been warned.
Word going around the net is that a sequel to the just released Final Fantasy XIII-2 may be in the works. The was first hinted at late last year when Square Enix took control of a Final Fantasy XIII-3 domain name, but this was brushed off as an action made by Square Enix’s American branch and not its Japanese headquarters.
However, reports coming from Japanese players and certain speedy U.S. players indicate that some of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s “secret” endings close on the words “To Be Continued.” Never one to turn down a sequel, it is hard to believe that Square Enix wouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity.
Note that in the end this is merely a rumor, albeit a very convincing one. We will keep you updated if the story develops.


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