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[News] Xseed Coming to Steam?


[News] Xseed Coming to Steam?


Xseed games licenses quite a few Nihon Falcom titles and Falcom is a very PC friendly friendly company.  Most gamers have always questioned why the localizations of the Legend of Heroes, Y’s and Brandish on the PC have all remained over in Japan while these franchises have proven to be moderately successful to bring over.  This has led to quite a few fan localizations of games like Y’s 4 to crop up as the fanbase was waiting for a real PC release to come out.

Now according to some fans, Xseed has applied to put their titles on Steam.  Two titles to be exact. When pressed, Tom Lipschultz had this to say: “The timing for our appearance in the Steam registry couldn’t have been much more perfect.”  Currently Xseed has made big news with their localization of Mistwalker’s The Last Story and this would be a great way to bring more attention to their other titles.

Trails in the Sky was the first Japanese PC RPG I’ve ever seen localized in the west.  I can’t see how it wouldn’t do well with a PC iteration.

Now this is all conjecture, with no real confirmation from any Xseed employees.  However, we do have a sexy image of the Valve test below.

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