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[News] Wadjet Eye Games Will Publish Resonance


[News] Wadjet Eye Games Will Publish Resonance

Resonance is an adventure game that’s been floating around for about 4 years now.  Due to Vince Twelve’s small production team, news has been very slow during this time.  However, this week news on the game has ramped up.

Wadjet Eye Games (Blackwell series) has had their hands on the game for about 8 months now and they’ve moved on to the start of voice over work.  They’ve brought in Logan Cunningham of Bastion fame to bring his talents to Wadjet’s solid stable of voice talent.  Resonance’s unique twist lies in the fact that there are 4 interchangeable characters for the player to assume during the game.  On top of that, the game has a nice time rewind mechanic to alleviate those of us with a penchant for dying in adventure games.

With Wadjet’s help Resonance should be in line for a May release date.

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