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[News] The Rubberbandits Get Their Own Game?


[News] The Rubberbandits Get Their Own Game?


Open Emotion Studios announced just announced that they are developing a new iOS game starring Limerick’s famous comedy hip-hop artists, the Rubberbandits. Rubberbandits: The Revenge of Stephen Forward has been given only a small detail about what it might entail. The scenarios have been written by the dynamic plastic bag wearing duo themselves which include “Jock goats that fire lasers and free Willie O DJ from Jail for assaulting dole queue.”

Open Emotions Studios CEO Paddy Murphy stated that the game will be “an amazing amalgamation between Open Emotion (well renowned for interesting gameplay) and The RubberBandits. The game will launch in mid 2012, and a playable demo will be available at Games Fleadh 2012 on the 14/15th of March. This is a title we’ve been looking to make, since our company formed and we are stupendously excited about creating something truly brilliant! YURT!” Open Emotion Studious stands small with a team of twelve employees but they have done quite a few titles for iOS/Android and have even made a few Playstation Minis such as Revoltin’ Youth.

I cross my fingers for a visit to a Hawkery in a battle to save the Spastic Hawk and a race on a horse against a set of cars to see which is truly the best ride.

What the hell am I talking about? Well obviously you don’t know who the Rubberbandits are, hit the jump to see some of their best work.

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