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[News] The Be Mine Bundle Adds Tiered Incentives


[News] The Be Mine Bundle Adds Tiered Incentives

Last week during Valentine’s, the Be Mine Bundle was released.  The reason why we didn’t really cover it is because the high demand in the bundle caused the website to crash.  However, the bundle is back up again and now has a new set of goals to reward those that have helped raise money for their games.

Currently their are 5 games at pay what you want ($1 minimum):

  • Sideways: New York
  • Beep
  • Xotic
  • Wasteland Angel
  • The Ball

That’s one heck of a deal already on games.  However, when these games reach their goals, new rewards are added.  For example, $3,000 raised unlocked the Xotic DLC and Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals.  At $50,000 raised, the soundtracks to the Ball and Beep are unlocked as well as a handful of soundtracks from groups like Fantomenk. With new mystery goals at $75,000 and $200,000, there is some serious incentive to fund this bundle.

Plus 20% of all funds raised go to Child’s Play Charity.

If this wasn’t enough incentive. The top donator gets naming rights to a game character in development, a merchandise pack from Damage Vault and a signed poster for Sideways: New York.  Second place gets a signed game poster from Sideways: New York and Beep.

You can check out the BE MINE bundle here.

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