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[News] Snake Eater 3DS Demo Arrives Thursday


[News] Snake Eater 3DS Demo Arrives Thursday


Okay so apparently when Nintendo announced a Snake Eater 3DS demo “in the near future” the future is in face this week. This Thursday even. The demo will drop alongside all the other updates to the Nintendo eShop so fans itching to get a taste of Snake’s Nintendo portable outing should anticipate Thursday to bring the goods.

I don’t know if this demo will pull a Resident Evil: Revelations and limit the amount of plays but I know how upset I was when I loaded up that demo with a counter that said You have 29 plays left. Seriously, that wasn’t cool. No matter, we’ll just have to wait and see. I also don’t know if Circle Pad Pro will be applicable for the demo but seeing as though the full game will be compatible with the peripheral I don’t see why the demo wouldn’t be.

So are you excited for a 3D version Snake Eater? Do you have a Circle Pad Pro? Do you like rhetorical questions? If not sound off in the comments about how bothersome it is for me to keep asking you questions while I receive no answer.

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