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[News] Persona 4 Arena Coming to States Summer 2012! Pre-Orders Up Now!


[News] Persona 4 Arena Coming to States Summer 2012! Pre-Orders Up Now!


Well ladies and gentlemen the moment we have been waiting for. Atlus and Arc System Works collaborative fighting game Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena renamed to simply Persona 4: Arena for the states is officially coming to PS3’s and Xbox 360’s this summer!

We figured it was coming to the states but it was a question of when rather than if. The game is already out in Japan on arcades and a console release in the summer as well so it’s good to know we won’t be far behind our Japanese counterparts.

The game, which is a combined effort between Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei team and Blazblue and Guilty Gear creators Arc System Works, is a fighting game with characters from Persona 4 and a few from Persona 3 going at each other. There is a story mode and the game is considered canon taking place after the events of the fourth game.

I was a little disappointed by the roster and I’m hoping for a few extra characters in the console release (C’mon Adachi) but that’s just me being greedy. What I expect is a neat story mode and a complex fighting system because those Arc System guys make some really tricky fighting games.


The game is up for pre-order on Gamestop and Amazon right now.


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