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[News] Nintendo announces Pokémon Black and White sequel…s?


[News] Nintendo announces Pokémon Black and White sequel…s?

I love ya Nintendo, but you’re killing me here.  In a move sure to give those calling the Pokémon franchise a cashgrab incredibly smug smiles, Nintendo has announced their plan to follow up Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, the paired games that kicked of the beloved RPG’s fifth generation:  Pokemon Black 2 Version and Pokemon White 2 Version.  The announcement, broken by the Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash, confirms that these games are to be released for the Nintendo DS in Japan during June of this year.

I don’t even know anymore.  For ages, Nintendo and Game Freak have tied up each Pokémon generation with a single game that incorporates elements of both previous versions and adds quite a few new things.  All I can say is, there better be some pretty spectacular additions to these two games to make this move seem justified.

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