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[News] New Launch Trailer and Screens from Nexuiz


[News] New Launch Trailer and Screens from Nexuiz

Nexuiz is an arena shooter coming to XBLA on Leap Day from THQ and developer Illfonic. It has been a long time coming for Illfonic’s title, but it seems to have arrived in great fashion.  Built on the CryEngine, Nexuiz takes that typical formula of jetpacks and erratic battle and adds mutators to the match.  Essentially, as a player levels up, he is granted the ability to change the rules of the match as it is being played.  That’s a pretty novel idea to say the least.

Nexuiz will be available on PSN at an undisclosed date, but currently it’s only planned for XBLA on February 29th.  Below you can see new screenshots of the game in action.

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