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[News] New Far Cry 3 Trailer, With Release Date


[News] New Far Cry 3 Trailer, With Release Date


Ubisoft just put out a new trailer for Far Cry 3, the soon-to-be-released third installment in a series of games which can’t seem to decide what it’s trying to do. The first game starred a Special Forces operative who fought evil mercenaries, a mad scientist, and some monsters from Resident Evil. The second game was effectively a very realistic simulation of the life of a mercenary in the most war-torn parts of Africa. The third appears to be about a party gone wrong, and what happens when a dudebro is pushed too far.

I believe I either interpreted the trailer totally right or totally wrong.

Anyway, here’s the new “Stranded” trailer, complete with dubstep, the most tropical of all music styles. Enjoy.

Far Cry 3 will be released for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC this September.

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