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[News] MangaGamer Licenses OtoBoku and Eroge at Katsucon


[News] MangaGamer Licenses OtoBoku and Eroge at Katsucon

MangaGamer made a big splash this week at Katsucon in announcing two new visual novels for distribution.

The first is Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (The Maidens Are Falling in Love with Me) which has had its anime already picked up and released through Media Blasters. It’s the story of a boy that is forced to dress as a woman to attend an all girls school.  Pretty standard fair for a dating sim really.  The game’s translation work is already underway so news on release should be made this year.

Their second release is titled Eroge!  If you can’t figure out what it’s about from the title, it’s a behind the scenes style erotic game where a guy who has played over 1,000 eroge gets a job at a developer full of women. It’s a silly premise and should easily fulfill that 18+ category at MangaGamer.

That’s not all from MangaGamer as they finally made their quota of 2,000 copies sold of Koihime Musou.  This means that MangaGamer can afford to patch the game with the Japanese voice actors for those that have purchased a copy. They also announced that they will be able to have a hard copy of the game ready for sale.

The rest of their announcements involved release dates, which you can see after the jump:

  • DEARDROPS from OVERDRIVE (Kira Kira) will release on March 2nd
  • Dengeki Stryker’s Demo from OVERDRIVE will release March or April with the full game shooting for May.
  • Magical Teacher from SCORE will release April 13th
  • Hakuoki Otome from BaseSon (Koihime Musou) is out of translation and is entering scripting.
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