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[News] Lollipop Chainsaw Has a Valentine’s Day Trailer


[News] Lollipop Chainsaw Has a Valentine’s Day Trailer


Lollipop Chainsaw, the cheerleader zombie slayer simulation the world has been dying for since time immemorial, has released yet another trailer, and this one is no closer to normal than the rest.

Juliet, our dashing heroine, had a boyfriend before the zombies arrived, but when one of the zombies took a bite out of his “hot bod” (Juliet’s words, not mine), she was forced to do what any sane scantily clad chainsaw-wielding zombie hunter would do: she decided to cut off his head and carry said disembodied head around on her adventures.

It’s that kind of game.

Check out the trailer for more of the fan-servicey, blood-spillingly, gut-bustingly fun stuff we’ve come to expect from Suda 51 and his band of rogues at Grasshopper Manufacture.

Lollipop Chainsaw releases April 24th for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


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