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[News] Kingdom Hearts 3D Headed to Tron: Legacy


[News] Kingdom Hearts 3D Headed to Tron: Legacy



Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance (which is as ridiculous of a name as I’ve heard) has recently been confirmed to be using characters and locations from the 2010 box office hit Tron: Legacy.

The name of the hub world will be The Grid and players can expect to see cameos from Sam and Kevin Flynn and Quorra. The 3DS seems to be the ideal platform to explore the world of The Grid. Tron: Legacy was a visual wonder and to see it in 3D is the best way to give the player the deepest immersion. I’m not a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts series but if Square Enix and Disney can put in a Daft Punk music minigame where in the background is a dancing Michael Sheen aka Castor/Zuse, I might consider picking it up. Damn that movie had some amazing music…


Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance releases in North America sometime this year.


Source: GameInformer


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