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[News] Kairosoft Planning an iOS release this Spring


[News] Kairosoft Planning an iOS release this Spring

Kairosoft is the company that has made the insanely addicting management sims Game Dev Story and…well a lot of titles ending in “Story.” This past weekend they took to their facebook page to give their fans an update. In March a new title will be hitting the iOS market. Sometime after an Android release will follow. Currently, the company has been releasing a lot of titles on Android, so it is looking to slow that production by focusing on releasing to the iOS marketplace first. While this sucks for Droid users (me), it’s still good that we’re going to be getting games in a timely fashion.

All I can think of in their pipeline is Game Dev Story 2, though that has not been confirmed.  Right now the company is still unsure if they are going to go through translating all their new titles, however I would be shocked if they didn’t localize the sequel to one of their biggest games.

The company also noted that it was open to HD releases of their games, but weren’t quite open to an iPad version of their titles.

New Game in March and April [Kairospot]

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