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[News] Indie Gala Bundle 2 is Now Live


[News] Indie Gala Bundle 2 is Now Live

The 2nd Indie Gala Bundle has gone live with an interesting twist on these bundle events.  They have implemented a 3 tier system that rewards people that spend more.  While this tends to make the page a lot more cluttered than something like Humble Bundle, the rewards offered are arguably better.

Here’s how it works:

The bottom tier (Carebear Bundle) runs $1-$5.42 (Price fluctuates based on orders spent) includes the following:

  • Fortix 2
  • Bunch of Heroes
  • Critical Mass
  • Album: Casey Lalonde “Skitter EP
  • Album: Giraffage “Comfort
  • Album: The Numbers “Beautiful EP

The middle tier (Big Saver Bundle) runs currently $5.43-$9.47 (both prices fluctuate based on the orders spent) and includes the following.:

  • All of the Carebear items
  • Greed Corp
  • RoboBlitz
  • Album: Casey Lalonde “Thank You
  • Album: Jack Butler “Fit the Paradigm
  • Album: Robot Science “Square

The upper tier (Epic Gala Bundle) is any price above the middle tier’s final pricing and includes:

  • Both the Carebear and Big Saver Bundle items
  • Your Doodles are Bugged
  • Inmomentum
  • Hacker Evolution: Untold
  • Hacker Evolution: Duality
  • Zombie Shooter 1
  • Zombie Shooter 2
  • Album: Robot Science “Doodads

These bundles have proven to do a lot of good for children in need and deserve all of our support.  The charities involved with this event are Child’s Play and Save the Children Italia.

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