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[News] Greater Good Games Releasing A Rhythm Puzzle Game


[News] Greater Good Games Releasing A Rhythm Puzzle Game


The independent game studio Greater Good Games was started by two guys with a passion for making games to help people. One of them is Dayle Flowers, an ex-Tripwire Interactive employee who had a large part in Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2. The other is Noah Wood, an illustrator. Their first game, Break Blocks is set to release soon. It sounds like a rhythm puzzle game where you play an aspiring break dancer. Each level is comprised of fighting “the world’s most notorious dancers” by stacking colored blocks and clearing them to perform a move. The press release goes on to say that, “Blocks are built in time with the beat and then placed on the circular dance floor. The object is not only to group primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) together, but also to connect them by using secondary colors (purple, orange and green) as a bridge to clear more blocks, and unleash more intense break dance moves.”

You can play the demo on the Greater Good Games website.  The official release is on February 29th and will use a “pay what you want” purchase model. A portion of the proceeds from every sale of Break Blocks will go to Doctor’s Without Borders. They also have an early adopters program that will let you download the game’s latest build and provide feedback to the developers. It’s a wonderful endeavor and I’m happy to see two people quit their day jobs to pursue something so noble as making games for charity.

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