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[News] Gotham City Impostors Attacked with 105 Micro Transactions


[News] Gotham City Impostors Attacked with 105 Micro Transactions

This morning started out like any other morning for me. I booted up my Xbox 360 and started to browse the new content that was released today. I noticed a rather large amount of the new add on space was taken up with some Gotham City Impostors DLC. I shrugged it off and continued to scroll only to find that most of the space was taken up by this DLC. I investigated it further and realized that all this DLC was micro transactions. Normally, I don’t have a problem with micro transaction DLC, I just ignore it. However, Gotham City Impostors has a staggering 105 downloads for clothing and calling cards that are used to identify you in the game.

I find this a bit appalling for a game that advertised that it had had a vast amount of customization for your clown or bat character. You may just say that it’s only clothes, it doesn’t affect the game but what if it were weapons on sale? This just seems like they are trying to milk some extra cash for you to look unique rather than have you unlock it as you rank up. On top of all of this, the DLC is currently on sale in the marketplace before the game can even be downloaded. I love DLC that lets you expand your game play with maps, characters and such but this kind? You can see it for yourself here, just please don’t buy this. Show them that this business model for a fifteen dollar online only FPS is not acceptable.

I refuse to buy Monolith, I refuse.

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