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[News] Ghost Trick is coming out on iOS tomorrow! Excitement!


[News] Ghost Trick is coming out on iOS tomorrow! Excitement!

Well, this is some exciting news.  Ghost Trick, one of my (gosh darn favorite games of 2011) is getting a release on the iOS platform tomorrow in America.  According to the iTunes App Store page for the game, it is going to be released somewhat of an episodic format, with the first two chapters being offered for free in order to rope in customers.  The rest will be available as in-app purchases.

Previously only available in Japan, I am extremely happy that this iOS port is making its way to the States, because what follows will be the game reaching the hands of many that would have otherwise not played it or given it a second thought.  Despite the game’s high praise and recognition in some circles of online gamer communities, it tanked commercially, which is really quite a shame.  In addition, I’d love to see the beautiful graphics and smooth animations on a high-quality iPhone screen.  The game already looks amazing on a low-res DS, so I can only imagine what the iPhone port is like.  Did I mention that I don’t even own an iProduct? THAT IS HOW MUCH THIS GAME EXCITES ME!

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