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[News] Gaijinworks and Monkey Paw May Start a Kickstarter?


[News] Gaijinworks and Monkey Paw May Start a Kickstarter?

Vic Ireland was the former head of Working Designs.  Working Designs was the poster child for importing niche Japanese titles back when the market was untested.  The company prided itself on posh Collector’s Editions filled with items so ridiculous for an average consumer that they are still unmatched today.  Then the company went under in 2005 leaving companies like Atlus, Xseed and NISAmerica to grow in the wake.

From the ashes, Vic created Gaijinworks.  From Gaijinworks, we have seen Vic reach out to old contacts and bring forward some games that may never have seen the light of day again otherwise.  He brought back Blaster Master with Sunsoft.  He put his old Working Designs masterpieces back on PSN in a deal with Monkey Paw Games.  Now apparently he is planning a Kickstarter project in the wake of Tim Schafer’s most recent success.

Now nothing was officially announced and there isn’t even a deal in place with Monkey Paw in the wake of President John Greiner’s family emergency.  What is hinted at is that the game is an import RPG and the goal is to use the funds to not only release the game, but to release it in Working Designs fashion.  Vic wants a big deluxe pack for this long abandoned mystery JRPG.

I hope something does come out of this, because as much as I love Tim Schafer, I love Vic Ireland projects even more. I would fully support another JRPG from the man who founded Working Designs.

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