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[News] Etrian Odyssey Coming for 3DS


[News] Etrian Odyssey Coming for 3DS


Dungeon crawlers rejoice! Etrian Odyssey IV: Legend of the Giant God will be hitting the 3DS.

Atlus’ fun dungeon mapping adventure will come with a new setting allowing players to choose their difficulty with easier difficulty for beginners and harder difficulties for the experienced adventurer.

Familiar names are attached to the project with Yuji Himukai returning as character designer which means more adorable designs in what can only be described as “Amazingly Adorable Moe Blobs” (AAMB) a term I made up on the spot. Also, Princess Mononke artist Nizo Yamamoto will be doing background art (News courtesy of Siliconera) which is a very pleasant surprise.

The game hits Japan July 5th with a soundtrack and booklet pre-order and I expect a US release sometime later.


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