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[News] Double Fine Kickstarter Update


[News] Double Fine Kickstarter Update


Tim Schafer, arguably the most likable man in the video game industry, has released a brief video update on the status of his formerly-$400k now-$1.8 million adventure game/video documentary project. Even if it contained exactly no good news whatsoever, any chance to see Tim Schafer be Tim Schafer in front of a camera is fun- but he dropped some details which should make people pretty darn happy.

It was stated in the beginning of the project that whether or not the game made it to more than one console would depend on whether or not the Kickstarter managed to break the $400,000 goal. As the Kickstarter has stomped that goal into the ground, the game is set (so far) to release for PC, Mac, Linux, and “certain iOS and Android devices.” The additional funds have also allowed Double Fine to commit to English voice acting and translations into French, Italian, German, and Swedish Spanish.

It gets better: though the Kickstarter page does clarify that backers will receive the game and access to the closed beta through Steam, Tim confirmed for the first time that backers will receive the game DRM-free.

This is why we love Tim.

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