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[News] Digital Devil Saga Goes Digital on SEN


[News] Digital Devil Saga Goes Digital on SEN

Atlus’s Digital Devil Saga was a cult hit much like many of their games.  Unfortunately, it came before Persona 3 so the print run was extremely limited on the title.  Atlus recently restocked their Amazon store unexpectedly this week.  Now we know why.

Ghostlight has announced that they are releasing Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 on SEN (formerly PSN) as a PS2 Classic in Europe for an undisclosed date.

Now obviously, this doesn’t mean Atlus USA is necessarily planning a digital release. At least not until they’ve whittled down the last of their inventory.  This would however make a great addition to the PS2 classics collection as the game has gone out of stock on numerous occasions. Hopefully we’ll hear more out of Atlus in the future as it would be a real shame to have this release exclusive to Europe.

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