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[News] Christine Love Releases Analogue: A Hate Story


[News] Christine Love Releases Analogue: A Hate Story

You may remember Digital: A Love Story, the unique and touching 2010 freeware indie game.  I know that I do. Today, creator Christine Love has released a sequel with a title that has been run through an antonym generator.  While the title may seem similar, the game itself is very different, with the user interface taking a sleek, futuristic look as opposed to the retro PC interface of its predecessor.  By all accounts, according to both the game’s site and my short time with the free trial, the game looks to be much more ambitious than Digital, allowing for actual player choice and containing multiple endings.  In any case, it better turn out to be a more ambitious and expansive game, seeing as the full title is being sold for $15.  So far, I very much enjoy what I’ve played of the game, which can be found at its site right over here.


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