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[News] Analysis of the new Avengers Trailer


[News] Analysis of the new Avengers Trailer

Ladies and gents, the new Avengers trailer was just released and it is glorious. Read after the jump for the trailer and my thoughts.

Heres the trailer:


Holy crap. Holy crap. HOLY CRAP. Summer can’t get here soon enough. I got chills when at 1:10 you see all three Avengers big dogs (Captain America, Thor and Iron Man) standing together in full costume for the first time. Also, SAMUEL L. JACKSON. Forget Jules Winnfield, Nick Fury is the role he was born to play. What most excited me about the trailer was when at 1:31 Bruce Banner says, “We’re not a team. We’re a time bomb.” Could this be foreshadowing for the sequel? The comics have the Hulk become public enemy #1 and leave the Avengers after the first few issues. Maybe that will be the storyline of Avengers 2. Also, it ties in beautifully to the current story arc in all the Avengers comics. People are growing distrustful of the team(s) and demand that they disband and stop being heroes.

I’ve heard a ton of guesses as to who the bad guys working for Loki are going to be. Most theories say it’s either the Kree, an intergalactic empire that created the Inhumans and where the hero Captain Marvel originates from or the Skrull, an intergalactic empire of shape-shifting aliens who are constantly fighting the Fantastic Four. After putting the trailer through the state of the art Twinfinite video processor unit (aka watching the trailer fifty times and trying to pause it strategically), I can confidently say the aliens look like blue people in armor, which would have to be the Kree. Unless the giant flying slug spaceship at the end was something else….Dammit. The movie is out May 4th, and I can’t wait. Now to watch the trailer another fifty times to try to figure out who the aliens are. Maybe if I flip my monitor over……


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