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[News] Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Gets New Trailer


[News] Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Gets New Trailer


Exclusive to Gametrailers. Remedy has released a very Mr. Blonde, Reservoir Dogs trailer for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare in keeping line with its Tarantino influences. The actual game will feature numerous live-action cut-scenes and I hope a lot of them are as fun as this…Not that I’m saying sadistic cruelty is fun or anything.

Still, I enjoyed the trailer’s obvious homage to Mr. Blonde and I’m hoping for more inside jokes involving Tarantino films, maybe a clever achievement or two (They Speak English in What? 35G) and I certainly enjoy the live action Alan Wake actor from the webisodes for the original game to spotting glimpses of him in the developer commentary.

The game comes out February 22 for XBLA. Are you excited?


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