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[News] Ace Attorney Movie Will Premiere at AM2 Convention in the US


[News] Ace Attorney Movie Will Premiere at AM2 Convention in the US


The AM2 convention which will be held in Anaheim, California from June 15-17 announced that they will have two screenings of the new Ace Attorney film. The film itself released in Japan just two weeks prior and the general consensus is that…It’s pretty good! This is of course great news as 1.) We may have on our hands a quality movie based on a video game, and 2.) They made a good Ace Attorney movie. Though people would have always held faith in director Takashi Miike to deliver the goods.


A little information about the venue. AM2 (Animation, Manga, and Music) is a free 3 day convention that seems to be quite a big deal. Two screenings of the movie will be held, the first will be exclusive to Passport holders which seems to be a paid badge that starts at $25 if I’m reading it correctly. The second will be open to the general public.


The movie is still set for an international release so fear not those who can’t make the trek to sunny California.


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