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[News] Kojima Productions Wants You… To Guess The Next MGS?


[News] Kojima Productions Wants You… To Guess The Next MGS?

Kojima Productions released a page stating that it will be at GDC this year. Not only that, but they are looking for skillful engineers, artists and game creators. While this may be a big chance for game designers, what is so exciting about this to the general game public? Well, the page has a teaser for their next project. While it may not show much, the page does drop a few hints. The entering page states “Development Without Borders” which is obviously a reference to the army Big Boss forms in Peace Walker named “Soldiers Without Borders”. After you enter the site, you can see a manila folder that “Classified, Do Not Click Here!”. Of course you are going to click it, which revels a single teaser image. The teaser image also shows a Snake-ish character with an eye patch, so there’s a second hint. Also, not only is there an obvious dog there but there is also a patch on his shoulder with an image of a dog.

Maybe this is going to be a follow up to Peace Walker? Maybe the next title will detail the origins of Fox Hound and how it was formed.

All we can do now is speculate on what it might be, but you can view the details yourself here.

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