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[Wormlight] Nathan Barnatt a.k.a. Keith Apicary


[Wormlight] Nathan Barnatt a.k.a. Keith Apicary

[Wormlight is a spotlight feature where we introduce someone/something awesome and explain whey itʼs worth your time.]

Nathan Barnatt is a very talented individual. He is a character actor, dancer and stuntman. Some of his characters include socially awkward gamer and Sega enthusiast Keith Apicary and Skittles fanatic Trale Lewous. In addition to his characters, he is also a fantastic dancer and overall delightful idiot. Hit the jump to see exactly why Nathan is an awesome dude and well worth your time!

Nathan Barnatt is quite possibly the most entertaining person on the internet at the moment. I basically want to spam my Facebook wall with his content. However several of my friends already know of his greatness, so I needed a bigger audience. Then I remembered I write for an awesome gaming site! Nathan is a talented character actor who has been in countless internet videos as well as commercials for GameStop and a variety of candies. He is a masterful stuntman (or just really lucky, it’s not entirely clear which it is) and he utilizes this to enhance everything he does. In addition to his acting, he is one of the few white people I can watch dance without cringing.

[Why should I care?]

Entertainment, plain and simple. Each of his videos are amazing in their own way. With over 200 videos on his YouTube account he can entertain you for countless hours. With that being said, I should also note that he is very much a quality-over-quantity type of entertainer. You won’t be watching his videos just once, you will watch them over and over again. You will start quoting Keith Apicary and Ray Amsley in everyday conversation. You will start learning his dance moves. You will feel compelled to buy a bag of Skittles any time you see one. I should warn you that you also might feel the urge to practice falling down stairs and “going ostrich” on certain objects. I can’t recommend you try to emulate these stunts. He makes them look good but they’re probably really dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

[Keith Apicary – Talking Classics]

Keith Apicary, retro gamer and Rambo look-alike, does the Talking Classics series where he talks about “classic” video games like the Neo Geo and Sega Genesis. You will be convinced that the Virtual Boy and Nintendo PlayChoice10 are portable gaming machines. He is often found taking his antics to the outside world;  being socially awkward at conventions and goofing around at the airport.

Classic Keith. If you read the video description, he cleaned up after himself and didn’t really break anything. He’s a good dude.

One thing about Talking Classics I really enjoy is the way it is visually represented. It is a bit blurry with some occasional distortions emulating the way a VHS tape from the 90’s would look. It bothers some people but I think the presentation is brilliant.

“It’s just how like every human being likes breathing, you can’t not like breathing, you can’t not like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. It’s like the same exact thing.”

While Talking Classics is hilarious, there is also a lot of great educational material as well. Keith knows his stuff and you can learn a lot about older video games and their systems.

[Dance Videos]

Nathan’s dance videos are really beyond words. I could say incredible, amazing, fantastic, mindblowing, etc. The problem is that those words don’t truly convey how great these videos are. Nathan dances to remixed songs by French pop artist Yelle, chiptune composer FantomenK and  musician Madeon. He is often joined in these videos by other talented internet actors such as Lindsay Ames.

Speaking of Lindsay, in this video she plays Stale Lewous, a relative of Nathan’s Skit-tells obsessed “Trale Lewous” character. This video has been very popular with everyone at the Twinfinite office lately. And by “everyone” I mean Yamilia and I. And by “office” I mean Facebook.

Brube is a beast, too.

Nathan is a big fan of French pop musician Yelle. After watching his dance videos I have become a Yelle fan too. This video is the first dance video of his that I saw. I have since acquired the song and listen to it daily. The best part is the video plays in my head while I’m listening to it! The editing in these videos is brilliant; I don’t know how they do it. The dancing is perfectly synced and some of the locations are gorgeous. Since a lot of these dance videos are filmed in public areas, it’s really fun to see how the people around him react to the dancing. Some are weirded out or ignore it while others can’t help but smile.

I would say good luck getting this song out of your head, but I promise you it’s not going anywhere. You’re welcome!

Nathan recently went overseas and while he was there he did some filming for his newest dance video: a remix of a Yelle song, of course. What’s really cool is that since he was over in that France place anyway, Yelle actually participated in the video by voice acting and eventually dancing with him! Again this video is very public and he gets some awesome reactions from the people nearby.

The whole video makes me smile, but reactions like the kids at 4:47 make my heart smile.
[Where can I see more / How can I support?]

Go “like” Nathan and Keith on Facebook.
Go follow him Twitter.
Definitely subscribe and “like” his videos on YouTube and GameTrailers.
The Talking Classics DVD is available at the ScrewAttack store. It’s 100% worth it, I watch it all the time.
You can wear Keith’s face or a quote from Trale Lewous across your chest! I’ll be getting some of the quote shirts myself.

Finally, according to Nathan’s Facebook, he is going to be bringing Keith Apicary to Adult Swim! As soon as more details are available on that, I will make another post to update you all!

Seriously I cannot stress enough how much fun Nathan’s videos are. They’re creative, playful, entertaining and will make you smile. I encourage you to go check out his YouTube account right now; it can only make your life better. You can thank me later.


Several of Twinfinite's staff likely contributed heavily to this article, so that's why this byline is set. You can find out more about our colorful cast of personnel over in the The Team page on the site.

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