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[News] That Stuff About The Next Xbox at E3? Whoops!


[News] That Stuff About The Next Xbox at E3? Whoops!

Unless your habitat is positioned directly underneath a naturally occurring solid aggregate of minerals and/or mineraloids*, you have likely caught some whiff of Xbox 720/Nextbox/Microsoft’s Super Great Next Thing and the many rumors surrounding it (nicely compiled by Techradar here), but all of this gossiping just may be for naught.
Citing the marketing director of Microsoft France, French financial news site reports that there will be “nothing new in 2012.” This flies in the face of the multiple claims that news of a new Xbox are just on the horizon, possibly to be revealed at the upcoming E3 2012.
This doesn’t necessarily discredit the rumors about the next Xbox, particularly in regards to the device’s hardware, but if this is correct, we’ll have a much longer wait than anticipated until Microsoft is ready to divulge any juicy details.
We’ll keep you updated if the situation develops.
*Thanks, Wikipedia!

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