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[News] Sony Lands Mt. Fuji Exclusive for SSX


[News] Sony Lands Mt. Fuji Exclusive for SSX

There seems to be a lot of hype over the new SSX game, mostly because it’s looking really good.  As a Cool Boarders kid growing up, I had peaked with the snowboard scene around the time SSX started to make it’s splash on the world. The game always did look like a lot of fun.

Now it looks like PS3 users are going to have the most fun as the majestic Mt. Fuji is now exclusive to Sony’s console in North America. You can see the classic Japanese architecture shown off in the shots below.

Microsoft fans shouldn’t be left in the dark however as Microsoft might have an exclusive coming their way from EA.  The domain name of is registered in Microsoft’s name according to Whois. I’m not sure that’s a consolation to many non-Kinect owning 360 owners, but it’s something.

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