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[News] Silent Hill HD Collection delayed


[News] Silent Hill HD Collection delayed

[The game not included is the most apt to describe the situation]

Konami has confirmed to Joystiq that Silent Hill HD Collection has been pushed back to March. The company tells Joystiq that they will have definitive dates announced in the coming days.

The game was originally going to come out in the late January/early February period before the announcement to push back the games. Silent Hill Downpour was also delayed from Q4 of 2011 to sometimes in 2012 and the PS Vita game Silent Hill: The Book of Memories currently has no definitive release date.

Downpour was delayed to improve certain aspects the producers felt were lacking and the HD Collection never had a definitive release date though it was pushed back to coincide with the Silent Hill live action sequel releasing sometimes in 2012. I don’t know what all these delays imply for the quality of the game but I’m betting this is all marketing to strengthen the sales of a series that has seen better days.

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