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[News] Razer’s Project Fiona… Seriously?


[News] Razer’s Project Fiona… Seriously?

Razer, a company known for their PC gaming peripherals, is taking a blind leap into the tablet gaming market. Sporting an Intel i7 processor, Fiona doesn’t look like it will be an underpowered machine. More specs and discussion after the jump!
According to the product’s page on Razerzone, it features an Intel i7 CPU. Most likely it will be a mobile adaptation of the i7, but I haven’t seen any information confirming whether it’s the mobile version or a full sized i7 CPU. I feel like a desktop i7 would take way too much space and require too much energy to run.
How is this portable?

It features a 10.” screen, running a resolution of 1280×800. Aha! This is where they get you. That resolution barely qualifies for HD (720p televisions are usually 1360×768). It wouldn’t surprise me if they can get PC games running smoothly at that resolution.

“Full-screen user interface supporting multi-touch
3-axis gyro, magnetometer, accelerometer”

Okay, these seem like reasonable features for a tablet. It is a tablet after all; touch screen capability is a no-brainer.  Same with the gyro capabilities. Heck my Android phone has a gyro in it and I don’t even game on it. But honestly, who are they trying to market this to?

“Hardcore” gamers will prefer to play on a PC or a console connected to an HDTV. Casual gamers would probably prefer to play on their phone or regular tablet. Neither party would have a use for the control sticks on each side of the tablet. Razer is taking a piece of technology that by design is supposed to have a thin form factor, and adding clunky control sticks on either side. People are just now getting used to seeing people walk around with tablets. I feel like people with iPads will be making fun of those walking around with this dorky looking thing:

I honestly don’t get it.

Based on the limited information we have, I cannot see this machine being a success. It seems like it is trying to do way too many things at once and I cannot see who the potential customer is. Is this something YOU want?


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