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[News] Phoenix Wright HD and Ace Attorney 5 Announced!


[News] Phoenix Wright HD and Ace Attorney 5 Announced!

[Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God]

Capcom has recently made the announcement at the Gyakuten Saiban 10th Anniversary event that Ace Attorney 5 has been green-lit for development.

Known as the Ace Attorney series here in the states it has been 4 years since the release of the last proper installment excluding the Ace Attorney Investigations spinoffs.

No information on plot or platform but given that it has just been approved it will be quite some time until any of those details surface.

Alongside this announcement was the announcement of Phoenix Wright 123 HD for iOS. Redone sprites and compiled in one convenient package, this collection will be released for all current iDevices with an android version also planned.

Check out the Famitsu article for screenshots! Can you believe it’s been eight years since we last saw Godot?

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