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[News] Microsoft Alleviates Their Restrictions on Indie Games


[News] Microsoft Alleviates Their Restrictions on Indie Games

Indie game development on the Xbox 360 has always been strained under tight requirements from Microsoft that could make or break a title. Today, Microsoft announced they were going to do something about this.

One of the biggest issues in advertising for smaller developers was the forced pricing of 240 MSP ($3) for all titles over 50MB in file size. This has led to quite a few game developers cutting corners to fit right inside that 50MB limit. Microsoft has now increased the pricing cap to 150MB, which should be a great relief to many of the smaller game makers.

With the growth in hard drive capacity from the old core models to today, it’s about time Microsoft readjusted their standards. To add to this is an increase in the file size limits of their CCGAME bundles from 150MB to 500MB. The CCGAME bundles were created as a means of sharing your files with testers. This increase relieves a lot of issues with developers in the crucial testing hours and is a reasonable move to anticipate a growth in demand to the higher limits developers will be hitting with this cap increase.

As an added bonus for the big shot developers, the maximum number of games allowed on the marketplace has doubled from 10 games to 20. This is beneficial to some of the more established developers with higher output levels like Radiangames.

Overall, this is a great move that can potentially lead to a higher level of quality from developers at a lower price point for consumers. This also gives developers with bigger games a bit more wiggle room with their pricing structure which some will allow these creators to find that sweet spot for their game. Ideally, this move should see a boost in creative output for the market.

Now if only they could fix the dashboard so it’s easier to actually get to the Indie Games channel.

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