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[News] Mega Man and Pac-Man in Street Fighter x Tekken…Wait.


[News] Mega Man and Pac-Man in Street Fighter x Tekken…Wait.


I mean I get it and everything but with all the drama surrounding Capcom and Mega Man is this really the best way to go?  I wrote a little skit with pictures and things after the jump.

Capcom Guy 1: People love Mega Man. He doesn’t make money but they love him. We should do something about that.

Capcom Guy 2: Why not put him in one of our fighting games?

Capcom Guy 1: Yeah that’s a great idea! Which one should we…No…We need to give our Mega Man fans something original. Something they never got before to prove that we’re always innovating on their behalf.

Capcom Guy 2: So…Megaman.exe from Battle Network?

Capcom Guy 1: Nope! That Mega Man from those retro covers. He’s a cool guy that shoots robots and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Capcom Guy 2:

Also these characters are only a PS3/Vita exclusive. I read somewhere online that Microsoft and Capcom couldn’t come to an agreement over exclusive characters but negotiations fell through and now I guess Microsoft doesn’t get anything…Ever. (or at least in SFxT)
Also Pac-Man is in the game now.
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