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[News] Katawa Shoujo is a game about girls and is now out


[News] Katawa Shoujo is a game about girls and is now out

Credit to Four Leaf Studio

What? There’s a detail I missed in the title? Oh…they are all wonderful characters and they all deserve your love…also they are disabled. But don’t let that deter you in slightest.

Katawa Shoujo is a doujin dating sim made by Four Leaf Studios based on an outtake drawing of some girls with some disabilities such as lack of legs or eyesight but they all still have hearts so…

The game has been pretty widely discussed with praise in how the girls’ situations have been handled with both care and attention so that the original first chapter that was released came off as a lovely and human game rather than something exploitative and perverse.

Finally after years of hard work by a team that has taken the job of creating the game out of their own spare time have released the game for free on the 5th anniversary of the original post on 4ch.

I for one had my eyes on the game for quite some time and am eager to play the complete game. Expect a review later this week.

Download the game for free over at their site here:

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