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[News] Kane & Lynch 3 May Be In The Works, Still No Mirror’s Edge 2


[News] Kane & Lynch 3 May Be In The Works, Still No Mirror’s Edge 2

It was recently discovered that Kane & Lynch 3 could be in development or the early stages of it, as evidenced by publisher Square Enix’s trademarking of “Sleeping Dogs” (a potential play on the second game’s subtitle, “Dog Days”) and developer IO Interactive’s job listing for “an unannounced AAA game project.”

The first two Kane & Lynch games are third-person shooters which have met “mostly mixed” reviews, Wikipedia notes kindly, about two unintentionally unlikable protagonists- Kane, a balding ex-mercenary, and Lynch, a bald (possibly reformed) schizophrenic- and their dark, grimy, and often grisly adventures through the criminal underworld.

Mirror’s Edge is a beautiful game which was met with positive reviews featuring smoothly animated first-person parkour and hand-to-hand combat with iffy gunplay. Fans have been crying out for a sequel, seemingly to no avail.

We might get another Kane & Lynch sequel, though, so. There’s that.

Source: GamesRadar


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