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[News] Insomniac Will Not Make Another Resistance


[News] Insomniac Will Not Make Another Resistance

In an interview with VG247 Insomniac’s CEO had one important thing to say.  “We won’t be making any more Resistances.”

While this certainly does not confirm the end of the franchise, I was left wondering what was going to happen with the title after their terrible first month showing.  With only half the sales compared to Resistance 2 that month, the game might not have had the legs to be very profitable in the long run for Insomniac and Sony.  I guess now we know.

With development focus now being shifted to multi-platform titles like Overstrike and with their new PC and web division Insomniac Click getting started, this might be a good move for the company to focus on branching outside of their long running franchises.  The question now is what will happen to the franchise?  The last title Insomniac moved on from was Spyro which was sold to Universal.

Could the same happen to Resistance?

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