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[News] Humble Bundle on my Droid???


[News] Humble Bundle on my Droid???

I don’t game a lot on my droid.  I’m a handheld guy.  That’s all about to change as the Humble Bundle has taken to smartphones for the first time.  If you are an idevice user that is concerned about not being able to get something off your charitable donation to the humble bundle, the wonderful developers are offering these games on Linux, PC and Apple computers as well.  There are Steam codes available and overall, it’s just a good deal.

The games included this time around are:

  • Edge
  • Osmos (Available for Tablets as well)
  • Anomaly
  • World of Goo*

*Note World of Goo is only available if you pay above the minimum price.

There is a chance more games may be added for early purchasers if.  It has happened more than once.  So do a good thing and buy some games for a good cause.  For first time buyers, you can choose the places your money will go.  You can help the developers, the organization, the EFF and Child’s Play Charitable organizations, or all of the above by using the slide bar before your transaction.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to get my charity on.

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